Stadshal van Gent met daarop de woorden Blijven dromen geprojecteerd

About us

District09 connects Ghent and its Ghentians. We support our city, and involve everyone who is in anyway connected to our city.

Who are we?

District09 is the city of Ghent's ICT partner. We build and maintain a stable, thrustworthy and secure ICT environment, on which the town, its citizens and its visitors, its commuters, its students and its employees can count. With a heart of gold. Always ready to help. Proud of what we do, while keeping both feet on the ground. Because every day, we aim to do even better.

What do we do?

The city of Ghent wants to grow into more than a smart city. Not a city with sensors everywhere, but one where technology is used to make life as easy as possible, for anyone who happens to pass through. Where we aim to make everything digital a spontaneous reflex, and where you can experiment, while keeping an eye on what goes on in the rest of the world.

Always aim for better. Easier. More automatic. More agile. We share our ideas, and test fast. We run, we jump, we fly. And sometimes we fall, but we always get back upon our feet, and continue. Not only can we do this, we just do it. For our Ghent. With our Ghent. 

No Ghent without District09. No Ghent festival, no (digital) city council, no sports camps, no ... Together with Ghent, we turn our city into a real technology capital. 

All of that, in an IT organisation that is large enough to be highly professional, and small enough so you can still be you. Where you can grow in your own pace. We create the city. Together. 

How do we do that?

Four pillars

We build on our four pillars:

  • No thresholds: We invest in a user-friendly and inclusive environment, so our end users don't encounter any difficulties or difficult thresholds. 

  • Dare to innovate together: Together with external partners (citizens and employees, other IT businesses, other governments and the academic world) we search digital solutions for the challenges we encounter as a city. We innovate where we can. 

  • Data as foundation: We make decisions based on available data, and user that data to continuously improve.  

  • ICT as the connecting link: We guarantee a stable, thrustworthy and secure digital workplace, where ICT projects help accomplish our strategy, built on an aligned IT architecture. 

Seven levers

These four pillars support our seven levers that we use to turn Ghent into so much more than just a smart city. 

  1. We use technology to turn Ghent into a smart, sustainable and inclusive city. 

  1. We attract digital transformation as a city. 

  1. We evolve towards an open network model; locally, nationally and internationally. 

  1. We act upon new, changing roles. 

  1. We place our users in the centre of everything. 

  1. We build an innovative mindset. 

  1. We increase our agility and are not only a city that works, but a city that works together. 

Our values

We work open, involved, creative and goal-oriented. 

  • Open: We are honest and loyal, and communicate clearly. We are curious for more, and share our knowledge.

  • Involved: We put our heads together, keep sustainability in mind, invest in personal relationships, and work proactively. We share our passions and encourage each other. Always with mutual respect. 

  • Creative: We are open to change, and continuously encourage new ideas. We are flexible and open-minded, and never give up.  

  • Goal-oriented: We always go the extra mile, and feel responsible for what we accomplish. We questions ourselves, and continuously look for ways in which we can improve. We invest in quality and efficiency, in a responsible way, and we learn from each other's experiences. 

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