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Smart Cities + Open Data Reuse (SCORE)

How can a city improve its public services? By working together with other cities, of course!

As a city, you have access to quite a lot of data. And by using these, you can improve your public services quite substantially. But how can you increase that level even more? By working together with other cities, and joining forces to build cost-efficient and timesaving solutions.

And that’s exactly what the SCORE project is doing. Together with cities such as Amsterdam (NL) Aarhus (DK), Aberdeen (UK), Bergen (NO), Bradford (UK), Dordrecht (NL), Gent & Digipolis Gent (BE), Göteborg (SE), Hamburg (DE) and the research centres of University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Data Science (NL), Johanneberg Science Park (SE), University of Aarhus (DK), University of Bradford (UK), and with support of the North Sea Region Programme.

SCORE is een project dat mee gesubsidieerd wordt door het North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

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